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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Being in the Moment.

Some years ago when digital photography was just an egg waiting fertilisation, we were on a family holiday in the snow at Mt. Hotham in the Australian Alps.
This was 1992.
I was shooting transparencies, negative film and VHS movies.

We stayed in a popular chalet overlooking some snow covered hills.

I was woken by my wife about 6am who said come and look at the sunrise.

I quickly set up my video camera and set it rolling and starting taking some still shots on transparency film on my pentax.

At first there were these swirling dark, grey then white clouds drifting into the valley and you could see the glow of the sun trying to break through.

Then an amazing scene presented it self which looked like some thing out of Star Trek.

Remember "Beam me up Scotty".

I captured this on vhs video and here is my favourite still shot.

The image could be a lot better but this was what appeared for a fleeting moment.

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