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Friday, November 2, 2018

Open Invitation to Photograph Australia

As a keen photographer I enjoy following the art of many photographers around the globe through the various internet groups,blogs, youtube etc.

I love looking at places I have never been to and not likely to do so.

While I love the pics and work of many I can't help but think that I live in the best country in the world to do photography.

These are some reasons:

1. We have the most amazing light that is never clouded by smog.

2. Our colours of the natural landscape are amazing. Particular the rich reds and blues of outback Australia.

3. Australia is a relatively safe place to visit. We do have crime but not on the scale of other countries.

4. Accomodation is not expensive and there is a great variety of options.If you are coming from America the American dollar is worth more than the Australian so your money goes further.

5. Our flora and fauna is unique as part of the "separate creation" that Charles Darwin thought in terms of.

6. There are unique highways and byways to explore. Long road journeys that are a photographer's delight.

7. Amazing beaches and National Parks.

8. Picturesque and vibrant cities.

9. A place where the arts flourish.

10. Australian's unique humour and outlook on life. "She'll be right mate!"

11. Great local produce that blends in with the fare of many introduced nationalities and their culture.

Oz Asia Festival in Adelaide

12. A great sporting nation with many high achievers on the international stage.

13. Our landscape is diverse. Tropical, Rainforests,Alpine areas, Outback deserts, amazing Island destinations, long inland rivers, the home of many varieties of Eucalyptus trees.

14. Yes we do have some dangerous animals but you would be a lot safer here than Africa.

So if it's on your bucket list why don't you come.

I will point you in the right direction.

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