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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Looking back at Film Weddings

I have a great number of weddings in my archives.

I like to go through them now and then and analyse how I went.

This particular wedding shoot of Cassie and Travis I found very enjoyable and I captured some great images(in my opinion).

It was entirely shot on film.

I had the negatives scanned at processing to produce low res files.

They were processed and scanned at Black and White Photographics which are still operating today.

I would have been using my Pentax Mzs film camera and I was working with an assistant.

My film would have been Fuji VPS 160 and Fuji VPH 400.

Some of these pics were featured on the Weddingsa website.

A good example of using daylight fill flash shooting into the light. Metz 45cl3 Pentax Mzs

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