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Friday, January 18, 2019

The Books in My Library-"The Life and Art of William T Cooper"

Occasionally in some of my videos I have mentioned some of the great books I have in my personal library.
I have many on Birds and Wildlife and also on photography.
Some also are on Australian Art and I love the fictional work of the great authors..
In this day and age I believe it is important to maintain the practice of reading and indeed creating good books.
I hope to leave my collection mainly for the benefit of my grandchildren.
Today I will do a short review of "The Life and Art of William T Cooper" by Penny Olsen.
The forward is by David Attenborough.
Penny Olsen has put together some wonderful books about the Art of Bird Ilustration and also Australian Birds in general.
Since I became acquainted with work of this great Australian Bird and Wildlife Artist he has died.

Here is a link to some short videos by Sarah Scragg about Bill and his meeting with David Attenborough.

This book is a beautifully produced coffee table book.

It traces Cooper's career from his earliest development and shows how he moved from Landscape Artist to Birds and Wildlife.

The videos available about him complement the book beautifully.

There is also an instructional video available on how to paint like he did.

One of the things I like about the book it shows his friendships and interaction with many other significant Australia Artists and Photographers, names I have grown up with and whose books I also have in my library.

Stanley Breeden is one of them.

I highly recommend getting a copy of this to add to your library and have a real good read.

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