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Friday, February 8, 2019

The Books in My Library-Peter Slater,Pat Slater,Raoul Slater. Sally Elmer.

There are some wonderful husband and wife teams when it comes to Photography and Art in Australia.
It becomes even more wonderful when children in the family continue in the same mould.
One such family are the Slaters.
Peter, his late wife Pat and son Raoul
They have been photographing,illustrating and producing books mainly on birds for many years.

I have many in my collection.

Sally Elmer has collaborated with Peter and Raoul on the Glimpses of Australian Birds book which is a masterpiece.

There are fantastic technical and practical advice in these books.

These books here are some I cherish from this talented family.

Art work by Peter Slater

Inside front cover of Rare and Vanishing Australian Birds

This is a delightful book by Raoul

This bok is a classic of how they used to do it.
Description of the book

One of the featured photographers
Picture from book by A G Wells.

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