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Friday, June 14, 2019

What Camera should I buy?

This is a regular question I get when people start talking to me about photography.
As much as people like their phone cameras people have been asking this question since cameras were first produced for the amateur home photographer.
When we only had film cameras when I started in 1970 this was a lot easier to answer than in today's digital age.
I was a keen Pentax user so it was usually whatever the Pentax entry level slr film camera of the day if they wanted a new camera or the many used cameras and lenses on the market.
They are still a great bargain today on the used market.
However I  used to recommend most of the time for a basic family snaps and holiday camera , the Ricoh 500g.
It was and still is a beautiful compact manual rangefinder 35mm camera.
Could be used on manual or Auto.
I was a good unofficial sales rep for this camera back then.
I still have one.
Flash synced at all speeds as well.
If you can't find a battery or the meter is dead you can still take pictures with it.
If you don't have a lightmeter there are inexpensive lightmeter apps you can put on your smart phone.
The question is a lot harder to answer now . There is so much choice.
The best thing is to keep it simple and ask someone like me who will ask you what you want the camera for.
Then take it from there.

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