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Sunday, June 2, 2019

"Spiritual Death" by Frank Hunting

I was listening to this sermon while out walking the other day.
I have previously posted it on my "Going Deeper with God" blog some time ago.
I decided I should post it here.
Please note it was recorded in the 1970's in Adelaide at the Church of Christ in Grote Street, long before we had the internet and social media where ideas are propagated and "tweeted" every minute.
Where you have a supermarket of spiritual beliefs and ideas saturating the world.
This takes us back to the Word of God.
Perhaps the Spirit of God can speak to you and to me through this message.

"This sermon by Frank Hunting is a challenge to us all. Particularly if you are not yet born again you may find this something you will dismiss.The Bible teaches that all people are either in the process off perishing or being saved.
At our peril we turn away from God.
My prayer is that if you listen to this and are not yet a Christian,that if the Holy Spirit speaks to you, don't delay.
I sat in Church for 3 years as a believer in God in a vague way but one who could not swallow the "Born Again" stuff.
(Please note when I use the Biblical term of being born again I am not talking about miraculous signs and wonders  and speaking in tongues which some people associate with the term).
After to listening to preaching by Harold Long in that 3 years I ran out of arguments and took the steps to receive Christ as my Saviour.
I used to sit in the very back row of the Church in the corner thinking I was safer there for most of that 3 years.
My wife was already a Christian and I had agreed to attend Church with her.
I was not going to become some sort of "fanatic"
On the night I made my "decision" I was sitting 2 rows from the front.
"Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God" the Bible teaches.
That was 45 years ago.
There have been ups and downs and strong challenges along the way.
We were fortunate that Harold Long's preaching was used by God to convict me of my need.
Frank Hunting arrived at our Church  after I had been a Christian for about a year.
Not long after he arrived I was facing a personal crisis.
His personal counselling set me free from things that had me tied up in knots.
Listen with an open mind to what Frank has to say.
Don't delay taking those  steps to Jesus.
You will not be disappointed."

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