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Sunday, May 19, 2019

The Overland Experience

If you have grown up in Melbourne or Adelaide and you are a so called Baby Boomer(born immediately after the second world war) then you will have
more than likely in your youth traveled on the Melbourne Express. The train that connects Adelaide and Melbourne.
It is now called the Overland.
It used to be a night time journey but now it travels in the day time.
It takes a whole day to travel between the 2 cities.
Read all the details here.

Adelaide(in South Australia) and Melbourne( in Victoria) have long associations that go back many years.

This last Friday I traveled on the Overland and disembarked at North Shore Geelong.
Not quite to Melbourne.
Hera re some picks I took from the moving train and some as my friend and I traveled home by road the next day..


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