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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Christian Tape Ministries- A reference of links.

In my formative Christian years, from 1974 onwards,I was fortunate to be in a Church where the weekly sermons were faithfully recorded on Cassettes by a member of the congregation.
These were a great blessing to me.
Often during services I would be behind a double thickness glass window in the "crying room" or creche.
There was a loudspeaker in there which was giving the sermon live but I really benefited by later listening to the tape of the message.
I used to listen often in the morning while preparing for work.
I did begin to make my own tapes also while in the soundproof  room.
I still have most of the recordings I made and a lot of the collection recorded by another member.
I try to put up some of the messages on my blogs and youtube channel.
Over time I collected many tapes of other Christian messages of the era.
I still use all of these resources as I continue with God.
I thought I would progressively put links here to other online tape ministries of those who I think have important Christian teaching and have been part of my Christian life.
I will start of with a link to Ray Stedman's archives.
An American Preacher and Pastor who visited our Church in the 1970's when he was doing his "Body Life" seminars. His best selling book had the same title.
Here is the link to his ongoing ministry that is helping many years after his death.

The late Dr Helen Roseveare was a wonderful Christian Missionary Doctor who has an amazing story to tell.
She wrote several books and we have a tape collection recorded in Adelaide in the 1970's at a Christian Women's Conference International.
I have not digitised then for a link here but below is a link to her on youtube.
There are many interviews and her speaking engagements on youtube.
This one is about the problem of suffering.

J Oswald Sanders is another whose tapes I have in my collection.
He was an incredibly gifter teacher and author.
Here is a link to him on youtube.

John Stott is another favourite author and teacher.
Here is a link to his many sermons recorded on tape.
I was privileged to hear him in Adelaide on one occasion and I have a collection of his tapes.

If you spend much time on this blog you will find that the late Frank Hunting was a huge influence on my life.
Below ids a link to one of his sermons in my tape collection.

There will be more links following.

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