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Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Live,Laugh,Love." "Does God have a sense of humour?"

This is on a garden hanging chime thing in our backyard. It was given as a present by a relative.I photographed it the other day as a garden sprinkler was showering it and the garden. I liked the effect of the drops of water as streaks. Taken on Pentax KR set on programme.
Not a bad motto although it is not an all encompassing thing to live by, but I like it none the less.
It reminded me of many years ago when I was a youth leader  in our church when a young man asked me if God had a sense of humour.
He said "I'd like to think when I got to heaven I could sit down with Him and share a joke."
That prompted our group to devote our next meeting to a Bible study on the subject.
What do you think?
I certainly think He has a sense of humour  and I believe the Bible supports it.
Start googling or searching your Bibles.

The healing ability of laughter that is so well known, you would think has it's origins from God.

Also if we are made in His image and we all like a good laugh that's another pointer.

Reading my blog with all its serious theology you might say this guy must be pretty square and get around looking pretty straight faced.
Truth is I love humour ,especiallly trying out my Dad jokes on people.
Here's one.
Sitting at table at my son's place the other night we were talking about some health product called Restavit.
My wife says  her sister uses it but only about a quarter of the tablet.
So I said: "What does she do with the restavit?  (get it)
I like to laugh at myself also.
Nearing that senile phase and having many seniors moments.
Try this one.
Was down at local shopping centre and queu'd up to take some cash out of an automatic teller machine.
Was standing waiting behind this guy and casually glanced to my right.
Saw some people waiting to use the automatic teller machine.
I was in line for the outside public telephone.
I quietly shuffled sideways to the correct q hoping no one had noticed. LOL

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