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Monday, September 26, 2011


What is phototherapy?

I discovered there is a world wide movement of this.
Just google it.

Some programmes I would endorse and some I wouldn't.

For some people taking photos is a creative therapeutic  activity in itself.

How other people photograph us gives insight to our place in their world

How we photograph ourselves in a self portrait helps us to express how we feel.

Looking at our family albums can be helpful in reviewing our life so far.

What we like to photograph may reveal something of our goals and dreams and our view of our world.

For a person with a disability photography can be a way to open up a creative outlet and also to develop a feeling of purpose and connection  in life that may be missing

Modern technology means that most people have a possibilty of being a creative photographer
Even blindness does not prevent someone from being a photographer

Creating a relaxation slide show with music can have a very positive outcome
Share them with friends and help others

Phototherapy  with a counsellor can bring about new insights and possibilties of healing to a troubled life.

By viewing your family album(s) and perhaps a wedding album with a counsellor you can  use discussion about the photos to explore how you feel about the people in your photos and how you feel about your relationship to them.

An appreciation of the natural world through photography and your camera viewfinder can lead you to a faith in the Creator who loves you.

Some Australian Photographers who have partly found their faith while capturing the creation are photographers such as;
Ken Duncan
Pete Dobre
Jocelyn Burrt
Geoff Thompson

Byusing creative visualisation and photography you can bring the Creator into your life.

Using your imagination you can create:

A slide show featuring scripture illustrating our place in the world and God’s purpose for us.

A slide show using images and audio tapes  to help free bound up people. (or just
 watch some of the great wildlife documentaries like "Travelling Birds" )

A prayer photo gallery for the use of photography in interceding prayer.
By regularly viewing such a gallery and praying for the people pictured.
Frank Laubach in his book "Prayer, the Mightiest Force in the World" floats the idea of putting pictures of people you need to pray for on a wall and in a darkened room shine a torch on them one at a time and pray for them.
My idea is just an extension of that.

Over the last two and a bit years I suffered a serious bout of Depression.
It is now behind me.
Spinifex Pigeon Central Australiia
Wedge tailed Eagle  Central Australia
During the initial stages I could not even look at family photos or pick up a camera.
But God in part used my passion for Photography, birds in particular, to help lift me out of the depression.
Wedge tailed Eagle  Central Australia
Zebra Finch Central Australia
There was a lot more to it than that but in the early stages of the dreaded "black cloud" I only had relief from symptoms through being occupied with photography.

I had asked God to give me some Eagle shots on a trip to Central Australia. I couldn't believe the opportunities that presented to me.

Part of the solution of why I think photography has an impact is that we are told in the Bible to think on things that are pure,wholesome and many other virtues.
By concentrating on His creation through a lens we are doing just that.
That sense of wonder helps us to realise there is a God watching over us who even is concerned when a sparrow falls to the ground.

So God gave us light and photography for our pleasure and more than that.

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