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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sunny 16 Rule-Photography Tips

example of a scene where you can use sunny 16 rule(note a bit blurry as taken from moving car)
 In the days of film photography and manual cameras these "rules of thumb" were very useful.

 Used when you have a bright front lit subject in clear bright sunlight.
 No contrast in picture. ie. No great differences of light and shade.
 1.F16  is set aperture
 2. Use shutter speed equivalent to film speed or iso speed.
       eg. 400 iso =  1/500th sec
              200 iso =  1/250th sec.
              100 iso =  1/125 sec

You can use different f stops once you have established correct exposure.
eg; F16 at 1/500 is the same exposure as F8 at 1/1000 (Iso 400)
      F16 at 1/250 is the same as F8 at 1/500 (iso 200)

                                         Hand held shutter speed rule. No shake!
1. Slowest shutter speed at which you can safely handhold the camera.
This is simply equivalent shutter speed of focal length of lens.
28mm wide angle lens    1/30th sec
50mm standard lens   1/60th sec
135 mm lens  1/125th sec. 

400mm lens  1/500 sec

Note now lots of cameras and lenses have anti shake devices but still useful to know.

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