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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Forgive me Natasha" by Sergei Kourdakov

I became a Christian in 1974.
Apart from Bible study and Church attendance I read many Christian books and biographies.
One that had a major impact was "Forgive Me Natasha" by Sergei Kourdakov.
It is an amazing story of one who in Soviet Russia persecuted Christians in House Churches but eventually was touched by God through a young woman,Natasha, he had beaten.
The Faith of those he persecuted won him over to Jesus.
He defected to Canada after swimming to shore from a Russian Naval Ship.
He claimed in his book that if he was one day found dead and believed to have suicided not to believe it.
That is what happened to him.
Well through the internet I have discovered that a film has been made about his life.
So if you are not aware of Sergei's story I recommend you find a copy of his book and read it.
I still have my copy.
I intend to see if I can track down a copy of the film.
Here is a link below about the film and more information about Sergei.

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