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Friday, May 18, 2012

"Next to Normal"

Les and I went to see the Adelaide production of "Next to Normal" tonight at the State Opera Studio which is conveniently close to where we live.
It was a superb production and performance and very dramatic and real in many ways.
I am sure anyone who was there could identify with the family in the cast and the situations.
It certainly was a focal point for the scourge of mental illness and it's impact on families.
It was a tragic story but left one feeling there was hope without suggesting how that might be achieved.
It was also a promotion for MIFSA an organisation providing support for families and individuals affected by BI Polar and other mental health conditions.
I very sparingly give standing ovations as it is not in my nature to be so demonstrative but I did so tonight.
Look up the link below to read more.

See link below for information about MIFSA

It was of interest to me,as a photographer, and someone who is aware of the benefits of photography relating to mental health, that during the play the mother with Bi Polar was going through family photos trying to make up for  loss of memory caused by Electro Convulsive Treatment(shock therapy).
I have talked about Phototherapy elsewere on this blog and below is a link to ore information on this.

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