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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cohuna? Where's that?

Well you might ask!
we have just spent 3 days in and around Cohuna in Victoria.
Not many ,even those in towns within 200kms, had heard of Cohuna.
We stumbled across Cohuna when returning home from Canberra and Victoria earlier this year.
We must have driven through it before but this time we stopped for coffee and something to eat and noted what a nice little town it was.
It is situated on the Murray Valley Highway on the Gunbower Creek which with the adjacent River Murray forms Gunbower Island.(26kms long)
We stayed 3 nights in the Cohuna Waterfront Holiday Park in cabins that were just a few feet from a picturesque billabong.
We met with relatives from Canberra and Renmark in a family get together.
we travelled around the area and visited other towns including Koondrook,Gunbower and Kerang.
Some of our party did a day trip to Echuca.
There was much to see including wildlife,birds and river and creek scenery and the Redgum Forests of renown in this area.
Well worth a visit for those wanting a refreshing country holiday.
We travelled from Adelaide via Pinnaroo through the Mallee.
I will post about the journey trough the Mallee shortly.
Meanwhile enjoy some Cohuna Photography.
The Bar and Bistro served up some very tasty meals with excellent service.

from our cabin balcony

from our cabin balcony,mist in the morning

Grey Kangaroos on Gun bower Island

Kingfisher on Gunbower Island

from our cabin balcony,sunlight through the rain shadow

from our cabin balcony

In Koondrook

In Koondrook with Pentax special effects

In Koondrook(Pentax KR Posterization effect)

At Torrumbarry Weir

At Torrumbarry Weir

At Torrumbarry Weir

At Torrumbarry Weir

At Torrumbarry Weir

From our balcony

Ibis on Gunbower Island

The Big Cod

Main street Cohuna

Eastern Rosella

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