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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Murray Sunset National Park

My late father in law ,Dudley Foweraker, was an amazing self taught naturalist.
He was an expert on  Australian native trees and plants,Australian Birds,Conversation and The River Muurray.
For many years he ran his own successful Nursery business.
He lived in Renmark South Australia all his life.
There is a plaque in Renmark on the bank of the Murray River recognising his services to the community ,particularly in the conservation work, and as a consultant to many on trees and birds and plants of the Riverland.
As a keen photographer and birdwatcher it was always a pleasure and education to go out bush with Dud, sometimes just him and me, and other times with our family and friends.
We didn't use four wheel drives just ordinary vehicles , but we covered a lot of territory.
I would often have a small tape recorder running while we drove through the bush as Dud would give a running commentary on everything we saw.
I usually took photos and sometimes movies.
There are some pictures  here from some of these trip.

The Murray Sunset National Park  is a very large National Park  in Victoria.
We were in the area near the Lindsay Creek not far from the South Australian  border.
This particular part of the park had once been a sheep station.
See also my recent post on Mallee Tracks.

The power of a storm

This tank is similar to some on the Park but they did not have water in them where we went.

Dud reckoned this was a very impressive mallee tree

The other side of the above Mallee tree

My flash brings out the rich colour of the tree trunk

This shady spot with hollows in the sand was a place where kangaroos had obviously been sheltering from the noonday sun.

These trees had been uprooted by strong wind gusts

Red Kangaroo

Venturing off the track,can be dicey if you get bogged.

Galahs in flight

There are deadly snakes in this region

These long tracks criss cross the park

Old Pine Tree

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