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Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Photography Journey

This post is the first of a proposed series chronicling the steps along the way in my life in photography as a photographer.
It is proposed that this will be a video series with some text.
This first video is about growing up with my Dad who was a keen amateur photographer and his influence on me.
He was self taught in many things and stills and movie photography were lifelong hobbies amongst many other interests.
My Dad on the left and me. We were at a family wedding in the Dandenong Mountains in Victoria.Dad is holding his pentax kx film camera.My Safari suit was great for weddings in those days.

The video below is about some of the early cameras I used. I will be adding still photos of these cameras soon.
I am going to improve the resolution of this video also.
In the meantime enjoy your photography and keep up the good work.

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