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Friday, November 9, 2012

The Coming World Government by Harold Long

I have posted this on my youtube channel and also on my Life Changing Christian Sermons Blog.
I thought I would also post it here.
The world has been anxiously watching the USA election this last week and now some are happy and some unhappy with the result.
This is just a reminder that there is a far bigger picture than our own views on politics where we live, and the world at large.
There is a drama of life unfolding as foretold in the prophetic messages of the Bible.
This is Harold Long's exposition on the coming world govt. as he presented it in the 1970's.
While many will scoff at this type of preaching, those who believe the Bible to be the Word of God may be blessed to hear God speak through one of His servants.
If you are not yet a Christian and concerned about your salvation  follow the link below to a sermon by Frank Hunting that clearly presents the need to make a "decision" for Christ without delay.

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