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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Golf at the Renmark Golf Club.

Golf at the Renmark Golf Club.

A get together  of some of our Renmark and Adelaide and Canberra members of the Longs,Thompsons and Fowerakers was an excellent opportunity for a rare game of Golf at The Renmark Country Club.
South Australia is in the grip of a heat wave so an early start was a good idea.
It was nice and cool to start with but by the time we got to the 16th hole the heat exhaustion was setting in so we retired to the club house.
At that time Josh led Jamie by one stroke and then I and Rob and Dave were the also rans.
Nonetheless we had a wonderful game of golf with all of us hitting winners at times but some we weren't so proud of.
The Renmark Course is a picturesque Australian Country Golf Course with good facilities.
There is wildlife to enjoy as well with lots of native birds and kangaroos a plenty.
Here are a few snaps.
Photos taken on a Canon 400D and Canon 600D

Josh aiming for a "birdie"

Jamie Putts

Rob blasting out of the bunker

Jamie's style

Josh lines up

Straight down the middle

Dave ,Josh and Jamie

Jamie lifts out of the bunker

Kangaroos enjoy the shade and the golf

Rob with interested gallery

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