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Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Art of Seeing

As you progress with your photography over several years you are able to learn what some call the Art of Seeing.
Bryan Petersen has written a very good book about the subject.
The Bible tells us that until we become Christians we are blinded to the truth of the Gospel and cannot see clearly the message of the Gospel.
By hearing the word of God our Faith can grow until we see.
With photography the art of seeing is something that can be learned with practice.
One morning I noticed through our loungeroom window nice light shining on the roses and flowers just outside our window.
I saw the opportunity for a nice photo and grabbed my camera.
This is an example of the art of seeing.
I like the end result and the fact that the real flowers are out of focus and the embroidered ones are not.

Slightly enhanced with iPhoto special effects

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