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Monday, February 11, 2013

Henley High School Class Photo -1B 1959 2b 1960

This was my first year high school class.
The Henley High School was a new school that had just opened in 1958.
It was a great experience being part of a brand new school.
It has since gone on to be a very successful educational ground for lots of prominent and other wise South Australians,
Sportsmen and women, and politicians,businessmen etc,.
One of the lads in this photograph,Geoff Boettcher, has been a recent  winner of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race on "Secret Men's Business."
Bob Loveday is also here who Captained and Coached the West Adelaide football Club.
I am sure all have made their mark on the world.
I would love to hear from any of these people although I am sure some have sadly passed on.
Our class teacher was Keith Giddings( a favourite teacher) and the headmaster alongside him on the right was Bill Thompson.(No relation to me)
My good friend Anthony(Tony) Chapman passed away just over 3 years ago.
He is immediately above the 2 teachers.
I have now also added some photos taken some years ago at a High School Re union Football Match.
See if you know who they are.

Vern Hembrow, Murray Fielder, Jeff Barnes

Sue Mcdonald, not sure,Ian Edgley,Barbara Parsons

Robert Baker,Geoff Thompson,Murray Fielder, Graham Edwards

And here is the class a year later in 1960

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