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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Whoever Loses his life for my sake will find it!

"--Whoever Loses his life for my sake will find it!" from Matthew 10:39
This is a statement among the many in the Bible.
What does it really mean?

I read this article linked below on the Christianity today website.
This lady was very courageous to take the steps to Jesus that she did.
She did leave her old life behind and discovered new life in Jesus.

If you read all the comments accompanying the article  you will get lost in all sorts of inadequate responses and some with some love in them.
Suffice to say the article struck a lot of chords or dischords on all sides of the divide.

I simply love to hear stories of people coming to peace and meaning in Jesus.

If we really want to make Jesus our Lord and Saviour then we have no rights to ourselves and our humanistic way of looking at things.
Many of us as Christians actually hold humanistic views without realising it.
We are no longer "Captains of our  fate and masters of our soul."
 This is one of  the most sad quotes in human thinking that I know of.
It means that we are our own god and cannot know the joy of obedience to Christ while we hold that view.
Yes the truth will set us free but only if we walk in the light of the Gospel.

Below are various translations and cross references in the bible of Matthew 10:39.

The Apostle Paul also made the statement "It is no longer I that lives but Christ who lives in me!

The key to the Gospel is to understand the Exchanged life made possible by the cross of Christ.
We put off 'The old man" and "put on Christ"

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