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Friday, March 1, 2013

"Between the devil and the deep blue sea"

I often listen to the radio and yesterday I listened to an interview with Jessie Taylor on a documentary that she helped make.
It is about why the "boat people" refugees come to Australia.
What are the reasons they risk their lives and their families to travel on dodgy boats to Australia from Indonesia and their original countries.
It is a very compelling documentary.
You can download it for free or stream it from their website.
In my employment before I retired I regularly used to interview many of these people and used to hear some of the stories recounted on this documentary.
I was always struck by how similar all these people were to our own families.
One of the people being interviewed in the doco says "after all we are all flesh  and blood there is no difference" (my paraphrase)
There must be an answer to how these people can get here quicker and safer.
Forget about whether they are muslim or whatever,God loves then and so should we.
Do yourself a favour and watch the movie and at least pass it on to others.
Here is the link to the website.

And here is the link to the interview I heard.

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