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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fundamentals of Camera Club Judging by Hal Wise

Myself in Central Australia 2009. Photographed by Lesley Thompson
I don't know whether Mr. Wise is still alive.
He used to be, I think, a regular contributor to the Australian Photography Magazine many years ago.
I tried to find current things about him on the internet so I apologise if I inadvertently have breached copyright.
There is no copyright notice on this little booklet I found in my archives.
Camera clubs are great places to learn photography and are still in existence.
Over the years I have infrequently attended the Marion Church of Christ Camera Club which has always been very well run.
My problem with camera clubs was the judging of images.
That may have changed now.
I always believs the guidelines of good composition are important but such rules can be defied and a pleasing result is still obtained.
Below is a link to follow up for a camera club in your area.
On reflection I think it would be better to be a part of a physically located camera club than an online one.
For some that may be impossible but to meet actual people and sit down and talk with them and share a cup of tea and a biscuit is much more attractive.
Perhaps that shows my age.

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