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Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Family Photo Historian.

Are you your family's photo historian?
At this point in time I think I certainly fill that role.
Not something I deliberately set out to do but just happenned as I am and was a passionate photographer.
I have always wanted to document events.
Family occasions
The list of human events in families is endless of course.
I have done this for many years with still photography,movie film and video,film and digital,audio recording(cassettes,reel to reel,digital).
Of course before that my father,father in law and uncles did the same with the technology of their  day.
I have recently been going through all my film collection of negative and prints to put together a farewell album for one of my wife's employers spanning more than 25 years.
I am staggered at the extent of the collection.
When you are a blogger with a collection like that your blogging topics and potential articles are endless.
It has been and still is an emotional experience reviewing my collection.
Many loved ones have passed on.
Sadly there are also relationship breakdowns that tug at the heartstrings.
Many of my wedding customers from past years have also experienced both joys and heartaches.
With the accessibility of today's amazing technology many of the younger ones are now doing similar things.
I guess it means I have plenty to do in my old age and some of the collection, as it ages, becomes useful to others.
It's not a high paying job but can become a labor of love.

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