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Sunday, March 9, 2014

My Favourite Birding Spots

My favourite birding spots come in 3 categories.

1. Those I frequent,

2. Those I would like to.

3.Those I have visited.

I will add more pics to this on occasions.


1.Lake Merreti, South Australia and associated creeks.

"Pigface" in spring

Goanna(Monitor Lizard)

Walking to the lake

Male Emu and Chicks

2.My In laws property in Renmark. 7 acres of Mallee and other native plants.

Tawny Frogmouths and young

Young Tawny Frogmouths sheltering in shade in 45c temperature

3. Our Own backyard.

New Holland Honeyeaters in Silky Oak Tree
Collared Sparrowhawk

New Holland Honeyeaters enjoying a bath from he garden hose

4.Adelaide Botanic Gardens.

5. Old Coach Road Renmark West

6. Murray Sunset National Park  Victoria


7.Fogg Dam. Northern Territory

8. Gunbower Island

9.Horseshoe Lagoon at Moama

10.East Point Darwin
Curlew or Bush Thicknee

11. Adelaide River Darwin

12. Gluepot Reserve South Australia

13.Murray River Mouth Goolwa South Australia

14. Headings Cliffs South Australia on River Murray

15. Lake Litra NSW

16. Tidbinbilla ACT

17. Canberra National Botanic Gardens

18. Kyabram Wildlife Park NSW

19. Kings Canyon Central Australia

20. Fleurieu Peninsula South Australia

21. Kangaroo Island South Australia

22. Katherine Gorge Northern Territory
Pheasant Coucal

23. Devil's Marbles Northern Territory

Butcher Bird

24. Edith Falls Northern Territory

Great Bower Bird
Willie Wagtail-Renmark West

Emu-Curtain Springs Central Australia

Wedgetailed Eagle Stuart Highway Central Australia

Little Corellas Central Australia on Stuart Highway

Galahs-Central Australia

Red breasted Robin-Tidbinbilla ACT

White Eared Honey Eater King's Canyon

Red Wattle Bird on our front fence

Rainbow Lorikeet in our front garden

Galahs-Mclaren Vale

Spinifex Pigeon-King;s Canyon,Central Australia

Willie Wagtail-Renmark West

Sulphur Creested Cockatoos-Kyabram Fauna Park

Regent Parrots-Kyabram Fauna Park

Bronzewing Pigeon -Kyabram Fauna Park

Princess Alexandra Parrot-Kyabram Fauna Park

Laughing Kookaburra with two Noisy Miners in pursuit. Paringa South Australia

Orange Footed Scrub Fowl-East Point Darwin

Black Shouldered Dove East Point

Orange Footed Scrub Fowl-East Point Darwin

Orange Footed Scrub Fowl Nest-East Point Darwin

Water Lillies at Pine Creek NT

Spurwinged Plover Darwin

Heron at Fogg Dam Northern Territory

Egret at Fogg Dam Northern Territory

Great Bower Bird-Katherine

Blue Faced Honeyeater,Pine Creek Northern Territory

Grey Crowned Babblers-Katherine Northern Territory

Blue faced Honey Eater Edith Falls Northern Terrritory

White Winged Chough-Canberra National Botanic Gardens

Black backed Magpie,Canberra National Botanic Gardens

White Winged Chough-Canberra National Botanic Gardens

Kookaburra and Murray Magpie, Echuca
Willie Wagtail Renmark West

Crested Pigeon Renmark West

Ducks Adelaide Botanical Gardens

Ducks Adelaide Botanical Gardens

Water Lillie Pond Adelaide Botanical Gardens

Black Swan Torrens River Adelaide

Black Swan Torrens River Adelaide

Pelican Torrens River Adelaide

Cormorant  Torrens River Adelaide

Australian Grey Falcoln near Tarlee  South Australia

Pelicans Riverland South Australia

Pigeon Shepherd's Hill Conservation Park

Rainbow Lorikeets Shepherd's Hill Conservation Park

Kookaburra Shepherd's Hill Conservation Park

White Backed Magpies Shepherd's Hill Conservation Park

Emus near Renmark

Satin Bower Bird National Botanic Gardens Canberra

Gang Gang Cockatoo National Botanic Gardens Canberra


13. Bool Lagoon South Australia

14. Lake Eyre in flood

15. Mt. Connor Central Australia

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