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Friday, March 28, 2014

The Road Less Travelled-Morgan to Adelaide

Today I had an enjoyable day's drive with good friend Greg to do some business in Morgan, South Australia.
The road to Morgan is one steeped in South Australian history and for the last several months it has been Lesley and my choice route to travel to and from relatives in South Australia's Riverland at Renmark.
The most common route is via the Sturt Highway and passing through Blanchetown and Truro etc.
The Morgan way includes Mount Mary, Sutherlands, Bower, Eudunda and Kapunda.
There is little traffic on this road and rarely will you be stuck behind any traffic at all.
There is an abundance of sightseeing and authentic aussie experiences to be had on this road less travelled.
There are wonderful country hotels at Mt Mary
( this hotel is on the market for sale according to today's sunday mail 31/1/16)

 and Sutherlands.

Both with much colourful history behind them and great atmosphere and good home cooked meals.
Both should be a must stop on this trip.
One on the way up and one on the way back or whatever.
There is also the amazing abandoned Eba Railway Siding with a querky character and his dog permanently waiting on the platform.
There are wonderful old ruined homesteads set amongst bluebush paddocks for the photographer and also there is a trail of old motor car bodies from yesteryear that make great photographic studies.
A bonus,for birdwatchers, at Mt Mary Hotel, was spotting a White Fronted Chat(I think) in backblocks.
Great River secenery at Morgan and more historic hotels, antiques shop,
(link to article about Carmine's antiques in Morgan)
 museum and bakery to add to the attractions.
Eudunda and Kapunda are great country towns to visit in their own right with much to offer.
Below are some pics from today. This is a small sample. I took 320 pics altogether.

Tracy Anderson-Mt Mary Hotel

Greg Stanford at Pool Table Mt Mary Hotel

Greg Stanford and Peter Anderson at Mt Mary Hotel

Mt Mary Hotel Menu

Peter Anderson-Mt Mary Hotel 

A dining room at Mt Mary Hotel

Greg Stanford in Sutherlands Beer Garden with Steve Marshall behind the Bar

"Crashed" plane on roof of Sutherlands Hotel

Dining Room Sutherlands Hotel

Inside Bar at Sutherlands

Steve Marshall and Sara behind the bar,local customers at the front

Sutherlands Beer Garden

Steve's partner,Annie Keenan

Leyland P76 Eudunda Main Street

Old Jaguar-Eudunda


Cars near Eudunda

Morgan General Store

Not sure what this is.Had v8 engine.

Near Eudunda

Waiting for the train that never comes.

Morgan Road

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