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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

We Treat it Lightly--Frank Hunting

We treat our sin lightly,
    often with less than
         a shrug of the shoulders.
That our sin has
   cut us off from God
      is a matter of indifference
          to most of us--
   and so we have become naturalized
       in our cut off state.
 And, we don’t want
        enough--to change it.
At the cross of Jesus,
   if we ever get there,
     we see what a terrible thing
         our sin is.
If ever we begin to realize
  God had to condemn His Son
   to the Cross
     we begin to realize
       how radically and irretrievably wrong
  we are
        at the very centre of our being--
we begin to realise what a totally devastating thing sin is.

This is from the devotional book by Frank Hunting called "Speaking Personally".There are other extracts on this blog including the last post.

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