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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Australia's Island State

In 1973 Lesley and I had a very memorable holiday in Tasmania with good friends Anne and Dave.
I was just getting started as a photographer then but was inspired by the wonderful scenery and landscapes.
I captured a few slides on a Yashica Minister D 35mm rangefinder camera.
A week ago I was in a used book shop when I came across a book of Tasmanian Photography by Dennis Harding.
I had to buy it as not only was the photography very good but the cover had been attached upside down and back to front.
Probably never made it to the shops I think.
Amazingly just this week I discovered a video about Dennis' work on the ABC Open.
Then I went to his website and found some beautiful photography and the video posted on the ABC.

So enjoy his work and also just a few pics of mine from 1973.Not great photography but a record of a happy holiday and wonderful state of Australia.
Sea Scape
At Port Arthur
At Port Arthur
Yours truly
somewhere near Roses Tier
Yours truly at Cataract Gorge
Gordon River Dam wall under construction
Bording the Empress of Tasmania
Queenstown Landscape
Chairlift at Cataract Gorge
Do town

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