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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Uncle Harry and Albert Einstein.

What did Uncle Harry and Einstein have in common?

They both didn't wear socks.

See link below.

Uncle Harry Dunning was my wife's late Uncle who died on the morning of 1/1/2000 aged 98.

Like Einstein he was an intelligent man but never wore socks.

I never found out why.

He was a man of great Christian Faith but a little eccentric.

He said " lawn was a waste of good dirt."

"If the music is not from a wind instrument then it doesn't count.

When he retired much was made of his no socks behaviour.

Here is a pic from his retirement function at Phillips Factory where he was a machinist.
They called him "socks" Dunning as he never wore socks.
He was gifted several socks on this day.

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