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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Belief behind my Art of Seeing in Photography


The early days of photography but influenced by the photographer's world view.

I recently gave a presentation to a photography group on the Art of Seeing.

This expansion on that idea was prompted by a  post on fstoppers about a Photographer’s new book and the much philosophizing he does on his blog and in the book about what is behind his photography.

What drives it.

In effect how his world view shapes his photography.

I admire his photography but don’t agree with his world view.

All of us who create in writing or in art or photography are biased and influenced by our world view.

The Erotic novelist more than likely will have a world view that says practically anything goes as they don’t have a values belief that restricts them.

They may have some humanist type morals to a point that does influence some of their writing and stops them from going “too far!”

The same can be said of Painters and Photographers, Musicians, Sculptors,Film Makers and any of the Artistic endeavors.

The person ,like me who believes in a creator, a personal God, and believes in the “rules” “laws” “commandments “ of conduct governed by that creator will always be tempered in what they photograph,paint,sculpt, write  etc.

The believer will do so if they are serious about their relationship with their Creator,God.

Some believers may want to sit on the fence a bit on some things.

They don’t want to be too ridiculed for their beliefs so their life is like a circle.

In the middle of the circle is Jesus(God)

The circle is the sphere in which they move and live and have their being.

The circumference of the circle is like a boundary between them and the greater disbelieving world at large.

The problem is many Christians want a foot in both camps.

They sit on the fence on the outer not too close to where Jesus is in the centre.

Very dangerous when we consider what happened to Lot’s wife.

When Sodom and Gomorrah was being destroyed she was told not to look back but she did and was turned into a pillar of salt.

So such Christians may present work which the non Christian looking on will identify as a bit hypocritical.

People who aren’t Christian funnily enough often know when a Christian has crossed that fence.

So here are some of the things that are behind how I “see” a photograph.
When photographing a baby or children I am celebrating this new young life that God has created in their mother’s womb.
The miracle of birth.

Created in God’s image of Body,Soul and Spirit.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made the Bible tells us.

Created with a disposition to sin but with the potential to know our God and creator and to be set free from the bondage that sin will surely bring.

Created with the potential to be born again.

To be born once is fantastic, to be born again is even more wonderful.

When I photograph a wedding I am celebrating the institution of marriage created by God.

I am celebrating the fact that the couple have chosen to follow God’s plan for marriage and families even though they might not yet be Christian.

When I photograph a landscape I am glorying in what God  has created and I want to share it with someone else.

God is a breathtaking artist.

He creates on a new canvas each new day.
I want to share that with others.

When photographing Flora and Fauna I am celebrating the miracle and diversity of creation as outlined in Genesis and expanded on elsewhere in the Bible.

A celebration of the pure science involved and implemented by a big God.

When photographing Family occasions I am celebrating the Family as God’s model for us to live within.

I am creating happy memories for people to reflect on.

Notwithstanding that some families are damaged through divorce and other tragedies, they still can know God’s provision in their lives.

When photographing happy occasions I am celebrating the joy that as humanity we can share together whatever our differences.

I may also have occasions, and some people specialize in this, of using my camera for God.

Photojournalist telling it like it is in war zones, exposing injustice.

I may also like to show people who may have mental or physical disabilities,or suffer from social deprivation, that photography, like art can be a great therapy.

Much has been written about Phototherapy on the internet and in print.

As we use it as a creative outlet I believe the creator can minister to us.

So my photography is influenced and governed by my Faith in Jesus Christ.

By my understanding that He is also my creator.

I am willing to let God’s teaching and revelation in the Bible govern my actions as I know that my loving God is far wiser than I am and does not ask me to do anything that is not for my own good.

Many unfortunately worship creation rather than the creator.
 They worship evolution rather than examine the facts as they don't wish to acknowledge God might just have some say in their life.

That is live in Him, follow Him, allow Him to control me.

So that;s a glimpse of what motivates me as a photographer.


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