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Saturday, August 20, 2016

The new "Shine" 20 years on.

Lat night we went to see the new digitally remastered version of the famous Australian Oscar winning film "Shine".
It was at the iconic Capri Cinema in Adelaide and a crowd of 600 were in attendance.
It was released  to co incide with the 20 year anniversay of the film.
Scott Hicks, his wife Kerry Heysen and Geoffrey Rush were there.
The night was hosted by Nick Prescott of the ABC and Flinders University.
A very enjoyable evening.
In one scene in David's childhood home there was a very tense time with his father.
One of many.
The house was of galvanised iron construction and during this scene you could here rain gradually getting louder on the roof.
After a few seconds we realised it was on the roof of the theatre ,not in the film.
It could have been a welcome addition to the soundtrack as it added to the tension and authenticity of the house.
I also notice on the wall in that scene some pictures of butterflies and a parrot that I recognised from a sun pictorial booklet authored by Charles Barret who is written about on this blog.

I guess it was part of the attention to detail of recreating an era.

The night was great success with standing ovations and an informative Q and A between the audience and Scott Hicks and Geoffrey Rush hosted by Nick Prescott.

An enjoyable night out and it was reat to see all the familiar Adelaide locations in the film.

low is a link about the new release etc.

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