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Friday, November 25, 2016

Introduction to my youtube channel

This is my newly uploaded introductory video for my youtube channel.
You can access the channel by googling pembridgehouse.
Pembridge House is the original name of the house where I live.
Please note you may here a lot of birdcalls  during the recording.
They are the resident birds in our backyard.
I wasn't aware of them while recording this.

See this link below.

This short video also is an explanation and motivation for my blogs.
This is the link to my main blog.
These are links to my other blogs.
Please feel free to contact and discuss anything on these platforms.
I am a retired public servant and also wedding photographer. I have also been involved in Churches since I became a Christian at 28. I sometimes speak as a lay preacher in both Churches of Christ and Uniting Church in Australia congregations. All these postings are diverse as they are meant to reflect the three worlds we live in. The worlds of Body,Soul and Spirit.
Thanks for watching.

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