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Sunday, November 6, 2016

What's in my Camera Bag 1950's

Glen Thompson with Yashica super 8 movie camera on tripod about 1973

Often we have posts on photography sites about what gear am I using?
What's in my bag?

Kodak Cameras. Left;Kodak Brownie 127 camera;.
Retina 35mm camera on the right. Dad took most of his pics on this camera.

What are the must have accessories?
What was it like in the pre digital days when amateur photographers were very serious about their craft?
This is an attempt to revisit photography in the 1950’s.
I was in my pre teens for much of the 1950’s.
My Dad, Glen Thompson, was a keen amateur photographer in those days.
So what did he use to practice his craft?
His main go to camera was a Kodak Retina 35mm camera.

It had no rangefinder for accurate focussing,no meter,you had to activate the shutter each time to shoot,manual rewind and counting to avoide double exposures, had a flash synced at all speeds leaf shutter.
It had a very useful depth of field scale to enable accurate focussing based on aperture range.
Folding bellows compact but solid metal build camera.
Aperture range:f3.5 to f16
Shutter speed range: 1sec to 1/5oo sec.
T and B settings.
No hotshoe for flash but PC socket for external flash. 
Focal length of lens: F =5cm 
I still have this camera and have used it often. It is still in working order and what I learnt photography with.
The first camera I took a picture with was the Kodak Brownie 127 also pictured.

There would also be a Box Camera by Kodak
120mm film cameras: eg Agfa Isolette
Separate range finder:to attach to top of camera.
Lenses:close up lenses to screw on front of fixed lens.
Filters:various screw on lenses for black and white work.
Note Book: Purpose printed pocket data recorder.
Kodak Photography Aids: eg pocket Kodak Master Photoguide.
Negative Holders:
Enlarger and Home Darkroom:
Slide Projector:
Portable Screen:
Slide Boxes:
Standard 8 movie camera:
Standard 8 movie projector:
Movie Editor:

Dark room necessities.

Agfa Isola 120 film camera
Exposure record notebook.This isvery helpful in identifying shots in my dad's archive of negatives.

This little book a wealth of informastion. Amaruer photographers f these times really knew their craft.

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