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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Finding Treasure

From the front cover of oils and watercolours.

I occasionally frequent second hand book shops.
The other day I found a treasure.
A book called  "Oils and Watercolour" by Ivars Jansons.

This is a collection of the author's paintings.

I first came across his paintings in a gallery in the Dandenongs in Victoria.

A marvellous Australian painter who originally migrated to Australia from Latvia and Germany as a refugee form his war torn Latvia.
He came to Australia as a 10 year old.
The book is in great condition and signed by the artist who is no longer with us.
His art is brilliant.

You will find lots of his work posted on pinterest.

I like his introduction in his preface to the book.

It is worth the price of the book alone.

"For me painting is not merely a mechanical activity. It is a creative work,involving emotions,insight and fine tuning of ones aesthetic senses.
This creative work is an activity born of inspiration. On being guided by the Spirit it has very chance of adequately reproducing a feeling or experience on canvas, so that others may share that experience.There is no doubt that the degree of success of a work of art is determined by the amount of inspiration which precedes it. Credit must be given to God, the author and giver of emotions,insight,talents and indeed of creation itself"

This whole introduction is pretty much how I see my photography as an art form.

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