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Friday, August 24, 2018

What makes you a real photographer?

Based on my definition there are not a lot of "real" photographers these days.

You need to use a tripod to be a real photographer!

In the early days of photography it was a must.

Do I use one all the time?

Very rarely.

One of my favourite photography authors is Bryan Peterson.

In his book "Understanding Exposure" he emphasised time and time again "first place your camera firmly on the tripod."

Even in this day and age of image stabilised lenses and cameras he still probably uses that as a mantra.

I tend to shoot hand hold most of the time and there are times when I wish I hadn't.

Back in the day when I was doing weddings I always used to take my tripod with me.

1. To get steady sharp photos.
2. In case I struck low light.
3.To maintain eye contact with people, mainly in group photos, while I pressed the shutter.

4. This next one is a great use of the tripod when you might not even put the camera on the tripod.

If you are wanting to do family and bridal party group photos and you are at a location and it is just after the ceremony and you are about to get started.
If you are at a location where the wedding has been outdoors and people may be mingling and talking and having a bit of a cocktail party.
They are scattered all over the place.
Then is when I would pick the spot where I wanted to do my group photos and then set up the tripod
where I would be shooting from.
I would then announce to all the key people " hi folks, the bride and groom are now ready for family photos can you all gather where the tripod is thank you."

Now people associate the tripod with real photographers.


You will find this works a treat .
 They might not know who you are but they know what a tripod is.

Try it at your next wedding.

"Real Photographers" use tripods.

A typical group shot. How did you get them there?

Room set up for one of my training classes. Note the tripod on the table.
Please note I am available for group training in photography or for individual tuition.

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