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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

God I want to give you every minute of this year.

This is from the booklet "Learning the Vocabulary of God" by Frank C  Laubach.

Some good thoughts to start 2020.

"Nagpur India:  Friday 1st January 1937

"God, I want to give You every minute of this year.I shall try to keep you in mind every moment of my waking hours.

I shall try to let my hand write what You direct.

I shall try to let You be the speaker and direct every word.

I shall try to let  You direct my acts.

I shall try to learn Your language as it was taught by Jesus and all others through whom you speak-

in beauty,

in singing birds

and cool breezes,

in radiant Christlike faces,

in sacrifices and in tears.

It will cost not only much,

but everything that conflicts with this resolve."

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