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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Birds and the Bees in times of Pandemic.

In this time of social isolation because of the Pandemic, if we are photographers and have a garden, there are things to encourage us.
We can still practise photography in our backyard.
I took these pics in our front garden a short while ago.
Bees in Daisies.
Bees around the world have been under threat from viruses but that does not stop them continuing their daily lives.
Perhaps they innately know how to trust their creator.
Something we have trouble with when we are under threat.
Notwithstanding we have a role in protecting nature and should also take notice of  what the Medical people and Governments are telling us.
Stay isolated and stay well everyone.

Likewise the birds know who is looking after them.

The Apostle Birds are still meeting in groups of 12 or more.
These Galahs are not isolating either.

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