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Monday, November 7, 2011

Cocky moves to the Riverland.

Today I helped my good friend Dave relocate his pet Corella to the Riverland in South Australia.
Cocky has lived for many years with Anne and Dave but because of his residence not being suitable anymore and he was missing out on being happy Cathy and Richard said they could find a home for him.
So today Dave and I drove Cocky the 3 hours to Renmark.
It was a noisy trip and after 90mins of screeching in his high pitched voice(the cocky that is,) Dave decided to cover his cage to quieten him.
Cocky then started yelling "Help! Help" for some time.
Eventually with us keeping conversation to a minimum he calmed down till we reached Renmark.
In Renmark, Kathy who has a way with animals, her mother has a type of ramshackle outback private zoo, soon befriended him and he met a recently rehabilitated Galah and the two resident dogs and many other caged native parrots..
In the bush around live Tawny Frogmouths, Owlet Nightjars, Goannas and Sleepy lizards, Snakes and Rabbits and Echidnas and many other native birds.
Tomorrow Cocky will be taken to his new home where he will be much loved.
Galah waved goodbye when we left.
Videos filmed on an iphone.
The trip home was much quieter.

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