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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Just letting any people know who read my blog what I think about Halloween.

Many Christians will probably not agree with my stance but it is gratifying that some do.

I have seen this take hold in Australia over the last several years and I find it very, very sad for our young  people. 

As a Christian I am very aware of the reality of satan.

Halloween,in my opinion, is just another of his ploys to trivialise his kingdom, to soften people's passive hearts to suggestion.
If you would like to know I feel the same way about all the romantic vampire movies that are so popular and others of their ilk.

Christian young people are unfortunately caught up in all this stuff  and think nothing of it.

The evil spiritual world is real, it is not fun, it destroys lives.There is no such thing as "harmless" stuff like this in my opinion including Harry Potter.

Having said all the above I also believe there is a place in the development of children for make believe and using their imagination.

I think of things I read in my childhood like Rupert Bear that were not a bad influence on me.

I also watch some wonderful Australian children's television programmes with my young grandchildren and most of them I give a big tick.
Some from overseas are good too but there are some that are definitely in the strategy of "grooming" young children for later spiritual deception.

I don't have a problem with Father Christmas but not happy about how Easter is celebrated in the secular world but don't really expect much more.

However there a greater more subtle  dangers and traps for Christians.

I will be bring some extracts from a booklet called the 'The Big Leap" soon that will show what sort of things I am talking about.

Having read today  all the nonsense on the "Christianity Today" website about justifying Christians' involvement in Halloweeen all I can say is "ba,humbug."

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