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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Save as!

                                                Communion 30/7/06

            What must I do to be saved?

            Read Acts 2:38   John 3:16

            Some years ago when Lesley and I were at Aunty Doreen’s house

            Aunty Doreen said to us in a  conversation we were having  about  God,

            “Are you saved? “at this stage Lesley had been a church goer most of her life and I 

            had rebelled against the whole idea at about the age of 13. Lesley at this time would

            have been about 17 and I about 20.

             I had a belief that there was a God and found the Bible a mystery.

            This word saved we thought was a bit strange. saved from what?

            We both believed in God and that was good enough we thought.

            We thought Aunty Doreen meant well but we thought she was a little bit


            Some family friends also had challenged myself and some mates on similar lines

            perhaps a few years earlier than this.

            We don’t hear the question these days unless you are in a church and someone

            is making sure the question is asked, or you might be a keen personal sharer

            of the Gospel.

            I was thinking  how amazing salvation is and how simple it is to begin the process

            of salvation but how do you  get across to a modern generation the need to be

            saved and the simplicity.

            Then I thought to myself that those who use a computer in a sense are
            confronted  with this question several times a day.

            There we are creating some masterpiece on the computer and we are

            given an option. The masterpiece may be some writing, a picture

            or some other document. It may be something we have downloaded from

            the internet.

            But before we turn the computer off or move on to the next thing we are

            asked by the computer do you wish to save this and if so where.

            As the creator of this masterpiece we make a decision. A click of the

            computer mouse then saves our document for future use or pleasure.

            Our Creater God is asking us this question continually also.

            Do we want to be saved?

            He is creating us in His image and does not want us to perish.

            Unlike the material on the computer we can  have a say in our salvation.

            We can say to our creator  yes we do.

            We are a work under construction. God can save us once and then continue to

            fine tune us and keep saving the improved version of us.

            As we take this bread and cup this morning we are celebrating and remembering

            the one who makes all this possible. Our Lord Jesus.

   Note:I lead the service at Parkrose Nursing home in Adelaide occasionally and.This was  one of my communion talks from the past.Aunty Doreen was my wife's Aunty and she died in October last year aged 96. Nb, I am not sure why this post looks a bit "skew wiff".

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