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Monday, January 30, 2012

Did the Cuckoo build a nest before the Fall?

Did the Cuckoo build a nest before the Fall?
The Fall of Man as per the Bible that is, not the season known as the fall in America and Autumn in other parts of the world.
Most members  of the Cuckoo family parasite the nests of other birds.
They lay their eggs in the nests of other unsuspecting birds,usually just one egg, and then the unsuspecting host mother raises the hatchling as it's own.
The Cuckoo chick when it hatches, is usually bigger than the it's adopted sibling chicks and pushes them or their egg out of the nest.
The Pheasant Coucal of North Eastern Australia is said to be a Cuckoo but it does build it's own nest and feeds it's own young.
I have just been watching an ABC video called the Big Wet showing some wonderful clips  of the Pheasant Coucal and its nest and young.
The Narrator also comments that one of the two chicks hatched a day earlier than the other and demands the attention of the parent above that of the younger chick and surely the younger one will die.
Much of what happens in nature appears to us humans to be cruel, what others have dubbed the "Law of The Jungle." (eg. Rudyard Kipling in the Jungle Books)
If as the Old Testament account of the fall of man, and the introduction of death because of this is true, it begs the question were Cuckoos  parasitic before this time or were they not"?
Were Birds of Prey killers before the fall?
What makes the Pheasant Coucal different to the other Cuckoos?
Is it really a Cuckoo?
Are their Birds in Heaven? other Animals?
These are all questions I am storing up for Heaven.
Right now I just marvel at the diversity and wonder of God's creation.
If you want to pursue these type of puzzling questions then check out the link below for interesting and challenging material.

Remember "Faith comes by Hearing and Hearing by the Word of God."
Not by looking at Blogs, Pictures, Movies or Websites or finding Arks on Mt. Ararat or through viewing the Turin Shroud.
It comes as we are exposed to the teaching of the Bible and what is written in it.
Pheasant Coucal

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