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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Little Country Church

Lesley and I when we visit her "rellies" in Renmark attend the Renmark West Uniting Church.

It is a small rural Church and you can hear the birds singing outside during the service.

The Uniting Church in Australia was formed some time ago when the Methodist,Congrgational and Presbyterian Churches decided to amalgamate. My wifes early Church experience was in the Congregational Church and mine in the Anglican.

We now are associated with Churches of Christ.

With our visiting and attendance last Sunday the number of attendants swelled to 12, a good Biblical number.

The Church Parish is about to get a new Minister but for some years the locals have conducted the services themselves.

It is a very elderly congregation so it always much excitement when young ones like us in our 60's attend.

Michael has being playing the Church organ for many years and he is closer to our age. He always plays in his socks with shoes off.
More lately Ted has joined in to play his violin during services.

You won't very often hear dynamic preaching or rousing singing in this Church but we always come home knowing that where 2 or 3 have been gathering in His name Jesus has been right there.

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