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Monday, April 3, 2017

Come and Try Photography

I have just this last Friday(31/3/17) completed 12 hours of photography training for 2 hours once a week through the community outreach programmes organised by the Burnside Council in Adelaide.
 My general feeling and feedback from participants is that this was a worthwhile exercise.

We had much discussion and viewing of samples of photography.

I worked my way through a keynote(powerpoint) programme I have developed on the fundamentals of photography although time running out cut us a little bit short on that.

A highlight was a field trip to a local park where we practised different techniques.

On the last day we discussed a quiz I  had handed out on the first day and generally speaking most were able to get the majority of questions right.

I have offered to all the participants a couple of hours extra time to help them fine tune their cameras as it is difficult to do that in a group setting.

With their permission and the permission of the Burnside council I have posted some of the pics recorded during the course by the participants.

During the course one of the participants,Wendy, brought in some old negatives her Nanna had taken years ago on a box brownie camera.

I scanned them for her and there were some iconic Australian picnic scenes amongst them.

On our field trip I had the idea we would re create some picnic scenes with a blend of old and new technology.

That was fun with "Mr. Tripod" and his "self timer" friend getting some good shots.

I apologise for being the subject material in some of these shots as I did not have any paid or volunteer models to help out and I did not want to embarrass participants into the role.

Many thanks to the staff at Burnside for co-ordinating and setting up.
Matthew, Shandre and Ros.

from Wendy's box camera negs

from Wendy's box camera negs

from Wendy's box camera negs

Wendy using Box Camera as in days of old.

Tripod "selfie"

Shooting into the light.

Capturing the peak of action

Capturing the peak of action

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