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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Back to book reading during the virus crisis

Think how life would be if the internet crashed.

What would you do?

We all, most of us, have a craving for information and intellectual stimulation,entertainment,instruction.

Many access all this from the internet.

Books have been out of fashion for a while.

Some modern homes you will hardly find any.

An occasional cook book perhaps.

Thankfully many kids still have story books read to them and they can bring them home from their school library.

I have started reading hard copy again because I have a huge eclectic home library.

In the rest of my lifetime I will not have the time to read them all.

I currently reading "The Call of the Wild" by Jack London.

Maybe one should get some of your titles out of the attic or wherever you have them stored.

Make a decision that when the virus crisis has passed to start building up a home library of tangible, touchable resources.

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