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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Wanting to know how to reach out to God during the Pandemic!

In underground church Coober Pedy ,South Australia.

My blog and youtube channel is not backward in sharing the Gospel.

I do what I can to further the cause of Christ and would not know how many people are influenced by what I have shared.
Many people who might normally not be too concerned about God and Jesus and life after death have cause for a rethink at the moment because of the world crisis through the Corona Virus..
Becoming a Christian will not mean that you are immune from the virus.
But you can know God's peace and power of His Holy Spirit to comfort you and give you hope and a future.
It is likely that many will turn to God at this time and when the world recovers and time distances us from this crisis then some might desert what might be a new found faith.
Well I became a Christian in 1974 and it was a series of personal crisis that put me on a search.
I resisted God strongly but in the end I ran out of reasons and arguments about why becoming a Christian was not something I should do.
I had sat in Church for 3 years with my wife already a Christian,because I promised her I would go.
I heard the word of God,the Bible,faithfully expounded each week by Harold Long our Pastor.
Just before our first child was born I decided to take the plunge.
The Bible teaches that Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.
Harold would today be called a Fundamentalist which has come to be a derogotary term for Christians.
It doesn't bother me.
God used Harold to convince me about Jesus.
I have never regretted making a decision to receive Jesus Christ as my Saviour.
It does not mean hat I have been spared more personal challenges since,but I have faced then knowing that God was in control of my life.
There is much on this blog and my youtube channel that can help you to see how, when and why you can know God, know Jesus and experience His peace.
Also note that there is a language translator on this blog if you have trouble with English.
When I went to the front of the Church in 1974 at the altar call, I went to the vestry afterwards and Harold guided me through a little booklet called the Four Spiritual Laws.
Se the link below to a pdf download.

It is a simple presentation of the basics of Christianity.

It is only the beginning but a good place to start.

As you take these first few steps you will find a whole new world opens to you and you will be given a new outlook on life. a new disposition and a security you haven't known before.
Yu will know you have eternal life not based on any quality that you may have but what Jesus has done for you on the Cross.
So here are some links to various posts and youtube video/podcasts to help you take those first steps.

If you work your way through my blogs and youtube channel you may find the answers you are looking for in the various writings and youtube posts.

Is there a conscious existence beyond the grave? by Harold Long

Here also is a link to the daily audio Bible podcast that you will find is a way of hearing the word of God on a regular basis.

Now is also a time to vist many churches who are doing online services.

Search for the ones in your area  where you might want to start attending in person when the Pandemic is no more.

Have a very blessed Easter.

I pray for someone venturing here it might be the first Easter where the Easter story finally makes sense.

Geoff Thompson

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