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Friday, April 3, 2020

Camp Farthest Out- Somewhere to go while Isolated

Years ago when I became a Christian both of my Ministers at times talked about attending Christian Camps conducted by an organisation called Camp Farthest Out.
Below is a statement of their faith.

Excerpted from
Our Bond of Faith
Given by Glenn Clark to the Camps Farthest Out
We take as our Source and Center the leadership of Jesus Christ.
We accept as our law of conduct and the source of
our energy the two Great Commandments that

He gave us upon which rest all the law and the prophets.
Our Constitution of Conduct shall be woven out of The Sermon on the Mount.
We recognize that this Way of Life can be learned
as a Science and practiced as an Art, but not until it is experienced in the form of Spiritual Rebirth can its full Power be released upon earth.

EVERYTHING about our union together and our basis for working together shall be as fluid as the
sea and as free as the air. Christ and all He represents is central; everything else is marginal.
With this bond of faith to unite us, one in impact but not in compact, with union in Christ and freedom in action, moving as an organism and not as an organization, we hope to unify and strengthen the deeper spiritual forces of the nation and the world that are working to save mankind in this age of crisis. 

Note that Glenn Clarke mentions "this age of crisis"

The world is always in crisis in my opinion but seemingly more so at present with the Pandemic in full swing.

I believe the organisation is till operating in Australia.
I have some tapes in my cassette collection by some of their well known speakers.
You can actually listen to many of their speakers at their Classic Library website.
See the link below.

There maybe recorded messages here that although many recorded  long ago can help you through and strengthen your faith.

The speakers involved were from many different Christian denominations.

I am currently listening to one of my tapes by Norman Renshaw, recorded at Nunyara Belair in January 1977.
He was a British Baptist minister.
It is my intention to digitise it and put it on my youtube channel.

Don't be deceived by the title. It is a great practical message about loving those you find difficult.

This post is also on my Going Deeper with God Blog.

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