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Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Armchair Photographer

There is a way now of practising wedding photography,people photography and wildlife photography amongst others without leaving the comfort of your loungreroom and actually using your digital slr.
Well during the not so long ago wedding of William and Kate I sat watching the telecast with slr in hand.
It was fun testing my ability to capture the moment as if I was at the wedding.

In actual fact taking shots with a digital slr from a digital tv are a lot more successful than in the old analogue tv days.
So you can practice your shooting and composition without leaving home..
You can also do it with a pre recorded dvd.
Most movie scenes don't go much longer than about 7 seconds but that still gives you time to chooses your shot.
You have the advantage that you have the best seat in the house notwithstanding the actual cameraman may have taken 4 years to compile his best of scenes.

Remember you are not trying to get quality photography but testing your shooting response time and to some extent your composition skills.

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