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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Melinda Schneider tribute to Doris Day

Last night we went to see the musical tribute of Doris Day put together by arguably Australia's queen of Country Music.
Melinda has a wonderful voice and vibrant personality and wove the Doris Day story through the rendition of many of the well known songs.

We all (almost all) enjoyed the show and for me a highlight was her rendition of "Autumn Leaves".

There are some minor criticisms of the show eg. maybe there could be less dialogue, some missing of lines by the "Boys" who supported her and sung and dance on many numbers(they were very good over all).
The band was very good and Melinda is a professional and it shows.
I will take my mum who is a big Doris Day fan.

The show was a good way for many, like me, who knew of Melinda Schneider but had never really seen her before, to become interested in her previous work.

See the link to her website below.

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