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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Risk Makes Sense

"Risk Makes Sense" is the title of Dr. Robert Long's newly released book.(Co-authored with his son Joshua)

Rob and Helen are our Canberra relatives and we have just enjoyed their hospitality in Canberra.

Rob is owner and Director of Human Dymensions Pty. Ltd. and also the brother of Pastor Graham Long of the Wayside Chapel in Kings Cross Sydney.

Rob has been many things in his career and is highly skilled and educated in his chosen fields.

If you are in Management in the Public Service or Private Enterprise you might like to consider what he has to offer and to buy his book or engage him as a trainer/consultant.

It is about many things including Occupational Health and Safety and relationships in the workforce and life.

Below is a link to his website and you might want to watch the video of the book launch.

Update at 1/5/12. Rob's first print run was a sell out.

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